Saturday, August 28, 2010

Classroom Management Tools

Today I'm sharing some things that I have created to help me manage my classroom. If you are an elementary teacher, you may have seen something called the Yacker Tracker. You may have also seen it's pricey price tag too!! I decided that I did not want to spend $50 on a noise meter! Yes, it comes with a remote and lights up, but to me, I couldn't spend that much money for that!! The solution..........Create you OWN!!! (that's what crafters do anyway right???)

This is my version. I created this using the Going Places cricut cartridge (the traffic light), George and Basic Shapes (the colored lights), poster board, cardstock, and Velcro.

I cut the yellow traffic light first and then sized the colored circles to fit. The black outline is free handed. You can cut poster board with your cricut as long as it is not the premium, thick stuff. I laminated everything for durability and then added Velcro squares to the backs of the colored circles.

Now when students are not allowed to talk, I put up just the red light. When they are allowed to use whisper voices, I put up just the yellow light. When students can use inside voices, I put up just the green light. This is on my white board in the front of the room so it's always visible!!

The next thing that I created I used various cricut cartridges for. I created my own center chart.

I place each students name onto a card and place it behind the center square. I also created matching signs that hang from to ceiling to indicate where each center is located around the room. The images and words match exactly on the hanging signs. I placed these in a pocket chart that I bought at Target for a whole $1 a piece.


Kelly :) said...

Love it! I have a couple friends with Yacker Trakers and I just couldn't stomach the thought of the paying that price... I never even thought to make one, duh!

Scrappy Chic said...

I have a yacker tracker and can never get it to work right! I'm going to have to try your idea. Great idea!