Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Classroom Decorations

I have seen many people make paper flower bouquets. I decided to try my own version and use it as a classroom decoration. I made 6 of these and they add a nice touch to the classroom.

I used the cricut cartridge George and Basic Shapes. It has a slotted feature and I cut the flowers using that feature. I cut two flowers for each flower in the bouquet. (I think I cut 8 flowers/bouquet) I sandwiched a skewer between two flowers and tied them with the yellow ribbon. I placed a bit of the green crinkle basket filler into the bottom of the bucket, and then glued the round Styrofoam piece into the bucket. After it cooled, I started to place the skewers into the bucket making an arrangement. I added green crinkle basket filler on top to mimic grass. I then tied the multi-color wide ribbon around the bucket to hide the styrofoam piece. (The buckets were a bit see through). I cut 1 larger slotted flower and tied the ribbon through it. These really were easy to make. I made these before I had the gypsy, so if you have that, it would be even easier to lay all your cuts onto your mat and just change the paper to cut.

1 sand bucket (I purchased mine from the dollar store)
1 piece of round Styrofoam
1 pkg of bamboo skewers
ribbon thin and large
crinkle basket filler
hot glue gun

If you have any questions, please let me know!! Thanks for looking!!!


Andi said...

this is very cute!!! Great job!

Anonymous said...

looking very nice...i want to try it for my own classroom decorations.