Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tip for the Day!!!

Ok, so my husband put up some new shelves in my scrap room and I decided to hang all my SU! ribbon from dowel rods below the shelf. I started loading all my many spools of ribbon on. I quickly learned that when you put satin ribbon onto a dowel rod, this is what happens......

yes...that is a big mess of ribbon (there was 3 more spools completely unwound before I took the picture). So after several minutes of winding up ribbon I decided that I didn't need to put my SU! satin ribbon on the dowel rod after all! So the tip for the day...*****don't put satin ribbon onto a dowel rod! It's won't work!!******
and here is the after.......


Anna Dawn said...

Just a tip, I like to put a tiny metal pin in the end of the ribbon to hold it on the spool. Since it's fabric ribbon it doesn't leave any holes (unless your pin is dull *oops*).

I am loving your blog, going to go look around some more now!