Monday, February 17, 2014

Painted Pillowcases

In our family, we have eleven nieces and nephews that we still do Christmas gifts for (plus a couple).  That's alot!!!  It's hard to buy them toys because kids are into and out of stuff so quickly.  You know me, I love to make gifts.  This year I decided to make pillowcases with each child's name on it.  These are great to bring to sleep-overs and to use everyday also.  I wrapped a few other items inside but this was the "main" gift.

I used a technique that I haven't used in a couple of years--Tulip fabric soft paint and freezer paper.  Since discovering Heat Transfer Vinyl  I don't use the paint/freezer paper technique for making shirts.  I have noticed that the HTV doesn't always do well in the dryer and I knew that pillowcases would need to be washed frequently so I decided to go the "old school" route.  I have a few shirts that I've made with the paint/freezer paper that have washed and dried several times without any problems so I knew that would be ok.