Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Gifts with a Vinyl Review

I never know what to get for my husband's siblings and their spouses. I always try to come up with something creative. This year I made these glass blocks.

With the room light off

With the room light on

Here is how to make some for yourself:
1.I began by using some glass etching cream that I purchased at a craft store. I etched the entire front of the block. I layered it on pretty thick with a foam brush and let it sit for about 30 minutes. When doing this, make sure that you go in the same direction when you are paining on the etching cream. It will give the finished project a more professional look if you do and won't be as streaky. Follow the instructions on the bottle to etch the glass.

2. I created a design on my gypsy and cut out the vinyl.

3. I placed the vinyl on the block as designed.

4. Put your lights inside the block. In the big block I used a string of 35 lights and in the small block I used a string of 20 lights.

5. Wrap ribbon that is at least 1.5" wide all around the edge and create a bow on top.

  • kraft glass block (these have the holes already cut in them. You can use the ones from the hardware store, but you will have to cut your own hole for the lights)
  • string of lights
  • vinyl
  • glass etching cream
  • ribbon (at least 1.5" wide) *I also used wire edge ribbon
  • foam brush
* I used various vinyl brands for these products. Here is my opinion of them
---brown vinyl: Brand--Paperstudio--very thin and pliable; was nice for layering
---blue vinyl: Brand--Cricut--thick and sturdy
---green and red vinyl: Brand--Stampin' Up!--very similar to Cricut vinyl. A bit smoother than cricut vinyl. It was thick and sturdy and was nice for the bottom layer of the tree. This was my first time to use it and I was very pleased!